Paintless Dent Repair – Colorado

When a hail storm finds your car out in the open, damage is inevitable. The sort of damage hailstorms cause is not one to be taken lightly and booking an appointment with your nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible is very important. Repairing the dents and damaged finish could cost a lot of money. It is therefore wise to invest in the most effective methods. Among the best is paintless dent repair. This is especially ideal for car hail damage repair as this damage will mostly affect the trunk, roof and hood where the procedure can be applied easily and efficiently.

Paintless dent repair is also known as paintless dent removal which simply involves the removal of dents without the need to repaint. It is a process that massages the dented parts back into their original shape without compromising the vehicles initial paint job. This is achieved by a metal shaping and shrinking art performed by qualified technicians.

What exactly does paintless dent repair entail? By using metal rods and body picks, dents are pushed out from the underside of the body panel while on the outside, specially designed tabs and glue are used to pull the dents. This gets the dents to fill up again as before but fine tuning must follow so as to regain the car’s initial smooth look. This involves tapping down the repaired areas to get rid of small high spots. These high spots may cause the clear coat to crack. To avoid this, many technicians make use of heat. As for larger dents, many at times they necessitate filling but the good news is that with push-to-paint applied first, the cost is much cheaper and takes less time. Paintless dent repair is usually monitored using fluorescent or LED equipment to ensure accuracy of the entire process.

Why is this repair method a good choice for any car owner whose car has been damaged by hail storm? The first benefit is that the value of your car is maintained. By using this technique, all dents are repaired and the car restored to its initial state without changing the factory paint settings. Such a car is likely to fetch a much better price if put on sale than one which has been repaired using an alternative method. The second benefit is that it is a one-day process. Unlike other repair methods, it takes a short time to be completed and so you need not be out of the road for long. Another benefit is that the process is reliable in giving reliable results that restore not only the car’s functionality but aesthetic appeal as well.