Paintless Dent Repair Plano, TX

Paintless Dent Repair Plano, TX

Auto body shops in Plano, Texas that specialize in paintless dent repair and hail damage removal.



Paintless dent repair is also known as paintless dent removal which simply involves the removal of dents without the need to repaint. It is a process that massages the dented parts back into their original shape without compromising the vehicles initial paint job. This is achieved by a metal shaping and shrinking art performed by qualified technicians.

What exactly does paintless dent repair entail? By using metal rods and body picks, dents are pushed out from the underside of the body panel while on the outside, specially designed tabs and glue are used to pull the dents. This gets the dents to fill up again as before but fine tuning must follow so as to regain the car’s initial smooth look.
Pulling Out Dents

The dents are pulled out without any sort of insertion into the metal. The dents are pulled out using suction or hammered out from the under side of the panel. This is a safer way of getting rid of the dents, and it does not chip away at the paint when the repairs are being done. The goal is to preserve the paint, and this process helps to make the paint stay in place.

Moving Slowly

Paintless dent repairs take a little more time than regular dent repairs, but they are the best way to make sure that you have a good result when the job is done. It is worth waiting just a little bit longer to get your car back, but it is easy to see why you would wait when you get the car back in one piece.


The training for the paintless dent repair is something that you need to think about before you decide to offer it in your shop. You need to go to a training course that teaches all about these things, and you want to get as much practice as you can on the repairs before you offer them in the shop. The training class is going to teach you all about how to make these repairs, and you will be able to place the certificate of completion on the wall in your shop.

You get to make many offerings in your shop that are going to make you more profitable and you must try to get all the training you can as soon as possible. The best thing for your shop is to get the best training you can get, and you should remember that you can learn easily how to do these repairs to make these repairs perfect on every car.

You will preserve the paint on every car you fix, and you will give customers a much better result.